Ultimate Motivator Poster™

Ultimate Motivator Poster™

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Each box corresponds to one week in an average 80-year lifespan, and every filled-in box is one that you have already lived..

Slightly terrifying. Extremely effective.

Seeing it on a daily basis will push you to take action on your life, enjoy every moment, and focus on the things that matter.

✔   Pre-filled for you based on your age
   300 dpi high-quality print 
  Thick and durable matte paper

How it works

Destroy your procrastination in one look

Do you think that deadlines are helpful with procrastination? Well, this is the only real deadline. It's impossible to ignore the value of your time when you look at this.

Tired of hearing that time is priceless?

It doesn't matter how many times we hear that. We know it's true, but we keep ignoring it. That's how our brains work until you see it with your eyes. Because knowing is not the same as feeling.

A new habit that will change your life

Cross a square each week. As simple as that. This will rewire your brain to start appreciating and enjoying every moment. Because you will know deep down how valuable your time here is.

Accomplish long term goals

Give it a max time and mark it on your customized poster. You will see it in proportion to your whole life. But what's more important, you will realize that if you don't take action now, it will never happen.

It's all about love

When you know your time here is limited, suddenly being angry, being mad at someone, doesn't make sense anymore. The only thing that makes sense is spending time with people that you love and people that matter to you.

Easy to keep track

Each row represents a full year of your life, and each group of 4 boxes it's about a month. If you forget to cross a square one week or even one month, you can get back to it easily.

"We all need a little reminder sometimes of how valuable every minute is."


This just kicked me in the gut when it arrived. I'm in love with it. It almost forces you to take action and pursue your goals. Life's too short to be doing something you dislike and to waste time on things which do not enrich our lives.

Richard N.

I have this right behind my bed. Looking at it every day is so powerful. I've always been a big waster of time, but right now, it is almost impossible to do it without feeling really bad. I also noticed that now I'm a little more kind and compassionate with everyone. With things in perspective, you realize what matters in your life, and for me is the people that I love.

Kira X.

Maybe this is not for everyone, but the powerful feeling I get when I look at my poster really helps me be more present and enjoy the little things of life. I still sometimes get caught up with in the moment feelings, but as soon as I get to look at my poster, I calm down and realize that some things are not as important as they seem in the moment.

Sam R.

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